Commercial Mortgages

Commercial Mortgage funding falls essentially into two areas, finance of properties to be held as investments and those that are for owner occupation.

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There are similarities however between lenders requirements in both sectors. They make three fundamental judgments:

1-: What is the Applicant's background and what level of experience do they have

2-: How is the loan to be repaid within the proposed term

3-: What is the security worth they are being asked to lend against

Once a lender can be helped to feel comfortable with the first two points they will be spending your money to undertake a valuation of the security. The former two are within our hands and relate to how well we interpret the lenders needs and current criteria. The latter is in the hands of the lender's own appointed valuers and is beyond our direct control.Taking Notes

In the current Credit Crunch financial climate, the key is to present all of the information they required in a succinct format that effectively answers their questions even before they raise them.

Our basic approach having had the opportunity to discuss with you what we are trying to achieve is to summarise the proposal and approach several lenders to gauge their appetite to help, we will then get back to you with the results and our recommendations, and it is at that point you decide whether you wish to engage us to act on your behalf. If you do, we will prepare the full application, provide the lender with relevant supporting documentation and progress the application through to the granting of an offer. If this is acceptable to you we will then work to ensure the transaction completes as fast as possible.

If you have a project that would benefit from our input, please contact us and we can offer a free evaluation of the proposal and guide you in the most appropriate direction.

This is a free service and we can save you a significant amount of time over presenting your plans to a variety of lenders without knowing early on whether this is even the type of business they would consider.

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